Ep. 4 Sexuality and Technology

*Disclaimer: This episode contains discussions about sexual content. 

Wise as serpents; gentle as doves. This needs to be the mantra that defines how we approach and deal with this topic.

On today's episode we discuss how to approach the topic of healthy sexuality with our kids, how to address it when something goes sideways, and ultimately what God says about healthy sexuality.

Sexuality in our culture is one of the most important topics we face as parents, but sadly, it’s not something that is very openly discussed. Or it’s unfortunately brought up only when an issue is uncovered with our kids. Our guest is mom of 5 children, Karrie, and she gives some great practical wisdom on how to navigate through these seemingly murky topics. 

It's been said that our young children are not seeking out sexual content online, instead, it is seeking them out. Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry, so if our children are exposed early and often, they have a higher chance of becoming addicted. 

We NEED to be proactively talking about pornography (and it’s not just boys/men) with our children at an age that is probably sooner than you’d like to think. We need to be talking about homosexuality and transgenderism. Have patience, be honest, and don't freak out.

Moms! A device (phone, tablet, or computer) is a HUGE freedom to place in the hands of our children. True freedom never comes without responsibility. We need to wake up and be smart about our kids being on social media, having internet access, and come along side of them and guide them through these waters. Please do not just hand your child a device and think they’re going to be fine. Most adults don’t even have the self control to have a healthy relationship with screen time/internet browsing.

When you do discover something on your child's screen or device, use it as a wonderful opportunity to talk about that issue. Remember, no issue is off limits! They will hear about it from their friends or at school. We can't bubble wrap our children forever; they need to be taught how to navigate through tough content and scenarios.

In this episode we referenced Operation Underground Railroad which is an amazing nonprofit started by a brave and courageous couple from San Diego. You can watch their documentary, Operation Toussaint, on Amazon Prime. Their primary goal is to rescue victims of child sex trafficking and to bring their captors to justice. 

We love you, moms. Here are some resources if you need to up your technology game:

1.) Bark App for all devices. This is not a content filter; it is a reporting system. $100/year for up to 5 devices or people.

2.) Content filter: Circle by Disney and Covenant Eyes are just examples of the many that are available. Prices vary.

3.) Apple or iOS devices: utilize the Screen Time function in the Settings to restrict content, set time limits, and much more!

4.) Be vigilant. Know all the passwords to your child's accounts. Check their devices consistently and don't be afraid to be 'all up in their business.' 

5.) Be open and honest. Talk about everything. As uncomfortable as it may be, nothing should be off the table with older children. They will hear about it from someone else if it's not being addressed at home.

Remember: wise as serpents and gentle as doves. 


Rachel and Stacy



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