Ep. 7 Encouraging Our Children's Gifts

I can smell Christmas. It's so close. Actually, I could see Christmas in September when I was making a Costco run. No joke, there were decorations, ribbons, and gifts lining the aisles well before Fall. 

Whether or not you'd like to admit it, you probably like gifts. Maybe it's not your love language per se, but as a mom any little gift or surprise is a welcome addition to the life of honored servitude that we live. 

In this episode we talk about the intangible gifts that we see in our children. Our guest was Denise, a pastor's wife, mom to three, and grandma to two, spoke into this issue in a real and genuine way. 

Denise reminded us how important it is to recognize the differences in each of our children and to adjust our approach as we interact with them. Each of our children is uniquely created and gifted by God, and encouraging those gifts is definitely not a one-size-fits-all method. We need the Holy Spirit to help us see what each of our children needs. 

Another important point we made is that it's a good thing to push or nudge our kids to try new and different things. There's an essential character lesson to be learned in making a commitment and sticking to it, even if you don't like the activity anymore. The point is to give and create opportunity for your children to try new things. If it doesn't stick? That's okay! Time to move on.

Sometimes our children 'surprise' us and show interest in something we wouldn't necessarily choose, but how incredible it is to encourage them and watch them shine. 

Spiritual gifts are even more important than skills or talent. These can look like gentleness, kindness, generosity, being a peacemaker, selflessness, and of course there are many others. It's imperative we are encouraging and fostering the spiritual gifts in our kids by modeling what they look like, reading God's word, and talking about these traits to our kids. 

Remember Moms, eternity is in our sights and allowing ourselves and our kids to be molded by God will have eternal benefits.


Rachel and Stacy



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