S2 Ep. 16 Surviving the Teen Years

The teen years can be brutal. One minute you're raising a whining (but very cute) toddler and the next an immature mini-adult who longs for independence and freedom. Helping our teens realize that freedom comes with responsibility is the tricky part.

Not to mention all the lies our culture is constantly throwing at them. It can definitely feel like a losing, uphill battle.

Our guest Krissy Mattison is a mom to three adult children, and on this episode she focused on the key to raising teens: a healthy family unit. When Mom and Dad are submitted to the Lord and their marriage is on the right track, parenting falls under that in the order of God's design. It doesn't mean it's easy, but it's definitely right in God's economy. 

Krissy also talked about setting the baseline standards in the home, but then praying for wisdom in the grey areas. Not every battle with your teen is the hill you need to die on. It is a natural part of life to let them begin to make their own choices and then reap the consequences (good or bad). 

Just like the parable of the father eagerly waiting for his prodigal son to return, or the shepherd who leaves the flock to save the one lamb, as moms we have a unique privilege to have open arms and hearts when our teens have seen the error of their ways. For some it takes longer than others, but make no mistake, God gives us the wisdom we need to parent and never forgets one of His children who has wandered off. 

Take courage and be encouraged today if you are raising a teenager—with the Holy Spirit giving you wisdom and God's Word giving you direction, you just take the next step. Don't dread the journey, but instead rejoice in it.


Rachel and Stacy


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