S2 Ep.12 Listening to Your Kids

On this week's episode we talk about listening. Listening is actually a learned skill; it’s much easier to talk than to listen. As a mother, perhaps you feel as though all you do is listen to your kids. You listen to them cry, argue, laugh, joke, whine, and a host of other things. 

But there is a kind of listening to our kids that goes beyond the normal noise that fills our homes. When your children speak to you, it can be easy to be thinking about what’s for dinner, your crazy schedule, or be engrossed in your phone while nodding your head at all the appropriate times. That is hearing, but it’s not listening.

Our guest for this topic was our friend Rebecca McKay, a homeschooling mom of five. We have known Rebecca since we were all in high school together. Since then she has lived in Costa Rica, Texas, and currently she lives in Nevada, where her husband pastors a church. 

Rebecca reminded us of the importance of taking advantage of those moments with each child, to truly hear what they are saying. It can be our temptation to respond or lecture our kids, especially when there is conflict or a problem. Try asking guided questions to help your kids come to their own conclusions. 

All of our children are uniquely created by God, and sometimes it can be easy to forget that the quiet or more well-behaved personalities need to be heard as well. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom to hear each child.

Don't give up, mamas. You are the best person to raise your kids, so be confident in God's calling.


Rachel and Stacy



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