S2 Ep. 13 Homeschool Bootcamp!

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2021

Hey Mamas,

Summer is in full swing but school is just around the corner. Whether you are thinking about jumping into homeschooling for the first time (do it! but pray first...), or you are a seasoned homeschooling mama, today's episode is full of good reminders and hopefully some points that will bring a healthy challenge to your homeschooling ways.

Our guest Amber Schrey, mom of four boys and one girl, has been homeschooling for eight years. She and her husband both went through the American education system and have college degrees. Amber shared with us her story of obeying the Lord's voice as He called their family to move from the public education system and enter the world of home education.

There are SO many different varieties of what homeschooling looks like. Amber challenged us to not compare our kids to public school kids, and to not compare our homeschooling style to other families' styles. God made each of our families and children unique--so as mothers we need to be following the Holy Spirit for His leading in our children's education.

Amber also walked us through a few of the many different styles of home education. Of course, we couldn't cover all of them in one episode, but maybe you'll hear of one you weren't familiar with before.

Another important point that we touched on is that there are many hybrids to homeschooling. Almost no one that we know completely homeschools in the traditional sense of the word. Check your area for charter schools, co-ops, mom groups, private Christian school charters, and drop off classes. 

Community is perhaps one of the most important keys in supporting you and your kids through home schooling. Finding like-minded parents who can encourage you and challenge you is KEY in the decision to educate at home. 

Important Homeschooling Resources:

HSLDA Homeschool Legal Defense Association

ILA Independent Learning Academy

CC Classical Conversations

Resources from this episode:

Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto

Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers (free download)

'A Thomas Jefferson Education' by Oliver DeMille


Happy Homeschooling!

Rachel and Stacy


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