S2 EP. 5 Being a Well-Informed Mom

The daily routine is pretty much ‘survival mode’ for most moms. From cooking, cleaning, working, and driving around town to wiping tears, snot, or other unfortunate body parts, moms are only thinking about how to get through the day. Who cares what’s going on in the world, because honestly, we should be proud that everyone in our family is alive, fed, and clean, right?!

While caring for our families is one of our top priorities, it’s still crucial that we are at least vaguely aware of what is going on in our world and in our country. It does affect us and our families!

On this episode of Mom·ing we talk to homeschooling mom of five, and the founder of A Mom on Politics, Jamie Reitenour. Jamie encourages us to know the source of what you're reading, to ask yourself questions like, "Who wrote this? Can I find another source to confirm it? Was it taken out of context?" So much of the 'news' these days is not information or facts; it's opinion and rhetoric. Social media has trained most people under the age of 40 to scroll through the 'news' and only read headlines. Headlines are very misleading and typically do not provide all the facts.

Most moms don't have a lot of time in the day to be scouring the internet trying to dive deeper than the headlines or playing detective on every article they read. That's why we need the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of truth, and God's Word to help us filter through what is real and what is a lie. You can also find sources of news from people you trust, people you know care about truth, who don't print stories just because someone told them to. 

Prayer was another key point we focused on. Yes, we may be tired and weary, but at this time in our nation, it is imperative we are praying for our leaders, our communities, our marriages, and our children. The current climate of our country may seem like a war of words, a battle of brains, or the fight for freedom, but the truth is that it is, and always has been, a spiritual battle. Where do we fight spiritual battles? With the spiritual weapons of prayer, fasting, knowing and obeying God's Word, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and loving everyone (yes, everyone!) around us.

We are in this fight with you, Mamas, and we are on our knees and in the Word so that we can be fortified to stand against the attacks of the evil one. Our children's souls are worth the fight! 

Standing strong in the battle,

Rachel and Stacy


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