S2 Ep. 22 Veteran's Day

While we as Christians acknowledge that our citizenship is in heaven, we can and do appreciate also being Americans and the sacrifices that the men and women have made that allow us to be free Americans.

Veteran’s Day is coming up and we wanted to feature Tanya Jones, who is not only a veteran herself, but is married to an active corpsmen, and her oldest son is in the Reserves. She and her husband are on the leadership board for our church’s scouting troop, Trail Life, and she is such a sweet friend of ours.

Tanya shared her personal story including the highs and lows of not only being a corpsman, but being married to an active duty corpsman. She also had some great words of encouragement for families who may be without a parent because they are serving our country. 

She emphasized the great need for community and being plugged into a Bible-teaching church wherever you may find yourself living. No matter where you are as a mom, these things are a must! God has...

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