Ep. 5 Finding Joy in the Daily Grind

Motherhood is many things: amazing, tiring, wonderful, hard, exhausting, and satisfying. It's also a major grind. 

Motherhood has been described in this way: the days are long but the years are short. We do the same thing day-in and day-out: cook, clean, teach, work, drive, repeat. Somewhere in there we are supposed to sleep. We are constantly not only trying to meet the needs of the family that God has given to us, but teach and train our children to become God-loving and fearing adults.

Very quickly, we can become tired and depleted, which often leads to us losing our joy and purpose as we parent. Constantly taking care of and training up little humans day after day can take its toll, so it’s important that we find time to fill up so that we can be poured out again.

Sometimes our mom·ing work can feel meaningless. Washing dishes and scrubbing toilets, or reminding your child to put deodorant on every day doesn’t feel very important. 

Today's guest is Erin who is a dear friend. She is raising two boys and a sweet, beautiful little girl. She homeschools, she is a hair stylist, and she loves Jesus with all of her heart.

Erin gave us with some amazing practical advice to find joy in the daily routine. Yes, we are tired. Yes, we may not have enough money, time, patience, etc. She encouraged us to use what we have! We all have a life that God has given to us, so we can use the resources He has gifted to find our foundation in Him.  

Moms, a running theme with all of our guests and episodes is to make time for God's Word. God's Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, and it brings an unspeakable joy into our daily grind. 


Rachel and Stacy


Share with us in the comments below how do you find joy in the seemingly mundane and pointless.


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