S2 Ep. 4 Your Family's Spiritual Health

Resources are listed at the bottom of this post.

The heart attitude of our children is probably at the top of our prayer list as a mother. As moms who love Jesus, it's safe to say we can narrow all of our parenting goals into one: we want to raise kids who hear God's voice and obey it!

On this episode of Mom·ing our guest Debbi Bryson gave us some wonderful encouragement about feeding our spiritual health as mothers. It takes intention, purpose, and loads of grace. 

When it comes to alone time in God's Word, some moms are floating adrift in a sea of anxiety, despair, and too high of expectations. Others feel shame and defeat for not being in God's Word for a week (or months! or years!) 

You cannot stay in that place, Mamas. It's time to be intentional about reading God's Word and letting it soak into your soul. Take time everyday. Set realistic expectations for yourself depending on how old your children are. Don't let busyness crowd out your time with Him. Be intentional and purposeful in your reading plan and prayer time. 

There is so much grace for us in this life. God did not save us through faith just to put us under the legalistic tendencies of the law. If you miss a day, start again tomorrow. The days are short and we need to redeem the time given to us.

Make sure your kids see you having your Jesus time. Debbi reminded us to encourage and model this behavior for our children. 

Habits are 'caught not taught.' Let your kids 'catch' you spending time with God. Listen to podcasts that teach God's Word. Have worship music on in your home. Creating and maintaining the spiritual garden in your family takes intention and consistency. 

We love you and are praying for God's Spirit to dwell in and through you.


Rachel and Stacy

Resources we love!

1.) One Year Bible. There are many different plans to choose from.

2.) Anything by Jon Courson. Seriously. Anything: https://joncourson.com/store

3.) Searchlight Podcast/App

4.) Read through the gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

5.) She Reads Truth App/Reading Plans: Tons to choose from!

6.) New Morning Mercies — Paul David Tripp

7.) Echoes of Eternity: Listening to the Father — Hal M. Helms

8.) For Kids: Indescribable: 100 Devotions about God and Science — Louie Giglio

9.) Wisdom for Women — Debbi Bryson





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