Ep. 3 Navigating Through the Noise

This world is filled with lots noise. The culture is constantly screaming different messages at us, and it uses social media platforms, news cycles, celebrities, politicians, and even religious leaders to pound these narratives into our brains.

The loudest narratives are often motivated by fear, “Fear you’re not a good enough mom, you’re too strict, you’re too laid back, you’re child isn’t going to be smart, you’re child isn’t going to be safe, you’re children are going to miss out on a critical step in life if you as a mother don’t provide X, Y, and Z." The mom guilt is a powerful tool when wielded in the wrong hands. 

How do we as moms know who to listen to? Is there such a thing as too much information? How do we teach our children to identify lies and counteract with the truth? We may be raising young children...

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