S2 EP. 6 Raising Respectful Kids

When I look in a general sense at American culture today, I don’t think ‘respectful’ is on of the top 10 words I would use to define what I observe. Respect must be taught and modeled as children grow, and unfortunately I don’t think that is happening on a large scale.

Why is respect important? First off, God requires it in the Bible. It’s actually one of the 10 Commandments, “Children, obey your parents for this is well pleasing to God.” “Husbands, love your wives, and Wives, respect your husbands!”  I believe that when you earn someone’s respect and learn to show respect, it not only pleases the Lord, but it also opens up opportunities in your life for great blessing.

Our guest on today's episode, Sarah Frenzel, is mom to five, founder of Behold Community Schoolhouse in Franklin, TN., and all around wonder-woman! Sarah gave us some amazing and practical tips on how to address disrespectful behavior, but more importantly, how to dig down to the root issue and find out what's causing it.

The first, and perhaps most important, point Sarah made was that respect is really an arm of love. When you love someone, you give them your time, attention, and focus, and you esteem them higher than yourself. Respect comes out of an unconditional love for those around us. 

Listening and responding to our kids is one of the most simple and impactful ways to model respect for our children. 

Sarah shared some great examples from her own life on how she and her husband model respectful behaviors towards each other so their kids can learn, and how to refocus when behavior is going down a not-so-great path. It's important that we can help our children ones process through the emotions they're facing, which sometimes manifest as anger, frustration, and disrespect towards others. 

Another important point we touched on is recognizing when our children are triggered or hijacked, they are in no place to make healthy choices or have logical conversations. It is the wise parent who gives some time and space for everyone to calm down before addressing the behavior, and more importantly, the heart of the issue. 

We hope you are encouraged by this episode and we are with you, Mamas. Don't mom alone!


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