S2 Ep. 20 Ministry Highlight: Operation Christmas Child

Christmas is right around the corner and we are super excited + a little scared because it seems to come faster every year! It’s easy and natural for our children to make their lists, expect great presents under the tree, and be filled with so much anticipation about what they’re going to get. But it’s so important that we teach our children how to give—it definitely doesn’t come naturally to most kids!

On today’s episode we wanted to take a few minutes and highlight an organization that has been changing lives for years. Operation Christmas Child began in 1993 and since has served more than 188 million children in more than 170 countries. OCC isn’t just about giving gifts to children. The shoebox is really the doorway into people’s lives to share with them the love of Jesus. 

Our church, plus many other churches and organizations around the US, have joined in on this mission year after year.Our guest for this episode is a part of...

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S2 Ep. 19 Fall Festivities + Halloween

Fall is officially here and we love all the changes that the season brings. One of the festivities the season brings is Halloween. This is an unofficial holiday that our culture has unfortunately taken and used to celebrate the dark and evil. While we don’t want this discussion to focus on that part of the season, we do want to acknowledge that it exists and that as moms we are raising our children amidst this culture.

On this episode we featured our good friend Kristin McCrary, who was actually the very first guest we had on Mom·ing--Episode 2! Kristin is homeschooling a boy and a girl, has been married for 18 years, she’s an art teacher, and she's a self proclaimed holiday-lover!

Kristin shared with us how putting Halloween in a box and telling our kids to not touch it or that it doesn't exist can actually prompt them to want it more. It is important that we have open and honest discussions with our kids about Halloween, what it can be used for,...

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S2 Ep. 18 Think About What You Think About

Mental health is an epidemic in our culture. From panic attacks and anxiety to depression and suicide, it’s obvious that people are in an unhealthy state when it comes to their mind. 

Thankfully for us, the Bible is FULL of advice and hope when it comes to the topic of mental health. Today’s guest has been on a roller coaster of a journey herself in regards to this topic. Our friend Holly Nelson shared some of her story with us. Holly has been married for 23 years and has three grown children and 8 grandchildren. She teaches in our women’s ministry, runs a Biblical counseling practice, and is currently studying for her Masters in Christian Counseling.

Holly has coined one of our favorite phrases, "Think about what you think about,' and we love this for a few reasons. 1.) It's easy to remember! 2.) It reminds us that being aware of our thoughts is an  intentional choice we make every day. 3.) If we choose to, we can actually stop the spiral of untrue...

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S2 Ep.17 God Redeems Our Past

god hope kids mom moming parenting Sep 06, 2021

It’s been said that life is just a series of choices, and while that is true, as believers in Christ we know that all things work together for our good and God’s glory when we live a life that is surrendered to Him.

But what about those times when we don’t make good choices? Sometimes the negative consequences of those choices can follow us for the rest of our lives, but yet again, with God, He makes everything beautiful in His time and restores the years that have seemingly gone to waste.

Our guest for this episode was Desiree Watson, mom to four children, 2 girls and 2 boys ages 3-18. She’s been married for 4 years and we were so thrilled to have her on the show today to talk about how God can redeem all things unto Himself.

Desiree shared her amazing story with us and shared Genesis 50:20 in which Joseph says to his brothers, "But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save...

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BONUS: Mom·ing One Year Anniversary!

Say what?!

YES! It's been one year since we started this podcast. Here are some of our stats:

  • One episode a week for 52 weeks
  • Two incredibly understanding and supportive husbands
  • Three emotional breakdowns (What are we doing? Why are we doing this? I can't do this!)
  • Four children from whom come inspiration, content, and experience (and lots of mistakes)
  • Twenty-three unique and amazing guests
  • Innumerable: God's faithfulness, strength, and grace as we run hard after His calling

The goals of Mom·ing is threefold: 1.) Create a platform for moms to share their stories and journeys, 2.) Create a show for other moms to listen to and be encouraged by other moms so they know they're not alone, and 3.) Create a platform to bring glory to God through parenting and share the love of Jesus with those who may not yet know Him.

The ABCs of the Gospel are a simple, childlike way to share the Gospel (or Good News) with others and to teach your children to do the same:

Admit you are a...

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S2 Ep. 16 Surviving the Teen Years

The teen years can be brutal. One minute you're raising a whining (but very cute) toddler and the next an immature mini-adult who longs for independence and freedom. Helping our teens realize that freedom comes with responsibility is the tricky part.

Not to mention all the lies our culture is constantly throwing at them. It can definitely feel like a losing, uphill battle.

Our guest Krissy Mattison is a mom to three adult children, and on this episode she focused on the key to raising teens: a healthy family unit. When Mom and Dad are submitted to the Lord and their marriage is on the right track, parenting falls under that in the order of God's design. It doesn't mean it's easy, but it's definitely right in God's economy. 

Krissy also talked about setting the baseline standards in the home, but then praying for wisdom in the grey areas. Not every battle with your teen is the hill you need to die on. It is a natural part of life to let them begin to make their own choices...

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S2 Ep. 15 Surviving the Younger Years

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2021

There's a popular saying about the passage of time when parenting young children, "The days are long but the years are short." It's popular because it's absolutely true! The days and nights can seem like an endless loop of laundry, crying babies, whining toddlers, and not a. lot of sleep for Mom and Dad. 

Our guest on todays episode, Marissa Kovach, is a mom to four children currently 2, 4, 6, and 8 years old. She definitely knows a lot about surviving the younger years! She reminded us to take lots of pictures and videos (even of the hard things) because it's over before you know it. Then (hopefully) you can look back and laugh! 

While you're in the thick of it, though, it can seem like there will never be an end to the chaos. A couple of practical tips from Marissa:

  • Schedule and Organization: Some moms thrive on this; it stresses others out!
  • Meal prep: Shopping/preparing on the weekends can make the weekdays run a lot more smoothly.
  • Still be you! Do the things you...
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S2 Ep. 14 Navigating Social Media

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2021

Social media is commonplace today. Chances are that if you as a mom aren't using it, your teenager probably is. How in the world do we control something that seems so vast and uncontrollable?

Well, we can't. But we can train up our kids to use and navigate social media in a healthy way. Or you can be like me and just ban it completely from the house! 

Today's guest, Nicole Nakamura, has several children in her home using social media, and this episode was chalk FULL of wonderful and challenging advice. 

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the issue of privacy. When it comes to your child's social media accounts, privacy does not exist! You as a parent should have direct access at all times to every account that your child has. It's also a great idea to set up time limits, limit wifi usage, and always keep devices out of your children's bedrooms. 

Make sure to always keep open communication about any issues that may will occur. Ask questions, be...

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S2 Ep. 13 Homeschool Bootcamp!

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2021

Hey Mamas,

Summer is in full swing but school is just around the corner. Whether you are thinking about jumping into homeschooling for the first time (do it! but pray first...), or you are a seasoned homeschooling mama, today's episode is full of good reminders and hopefully some points that will bring a healthy challenge to your homeschooling ways.

Our guest Amber Schrey, mom of four boys and one girl, has been homeschooling for eight years. She and her husband both went through the American education system and have college degrees. Amber shared with us her story of obeying the Lord's voice as He called their family to move from the public education system and enter the world of home education.

There are SO many different varieties of what homeschooling looks like. Amber challenged us to not compare our kids to public school kids, and to not compare our homeschooling style to other families' styles. God made each of our families and children unique--so as mothers we need to be...

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BONUS: Mom Fails!

Welcome to the episode where we talk about failures! No matter how big or ridiculous the failure, when you know Jesus, He redeems even our smallest mistakes and flaws for His glory and our good. What an incredible God that we serve! 

In this week's episode we asked a bunch of moms that we know to share some of their #momfails with us, and most of them were humorous, so we think you’ll be able to relate to all of them in some small way.

Failure is a feeling no one likes, but as a mother it's inevitable. You can either let your failure get you down or keep plugging along with God's new mercies everyday. 

When we make mistakes it is a wonderful opportunity to grow and to let the Lord mold us to be more like Him. It's also a great time to learn to say sorry to your kids!

Don't miss this week's episode on Mom Fails, and be sure to go back and listen to our Father's Day episodes.

Don't Mom alone!

Rachel and Stacy

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